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  • Numéro de référence Numéro de référence 1069-1808
    Année de construction Année de construction non renseigné
    Heures de fonctionnement Heures de fonctionnement non renseigné
  • Offreur

    HESSE + CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
    Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd, Straße 4 Objekt 8
    2351 Wiener Neudorf
    Showroom Logo
  • Catégorie principale

    Metal working machines
  • Catégorie

    Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Type de machine

    Combined punching and laser cutting machines
  • Fabricant

  • Technical data

    ca. 12 - 14 Wochen ab Auf
    208980 €
    3 kW
    16 mm
    8 mm
    8 mm
    5 mm
    8 mm
    3.048 x 1.530 mm
    3048 mm
    1530 mm
    125 mm
    3.048 x 1.524 mm
    127 kg/m²
    90 m/min
    90 m/min
    127 m/min
    14 m/s²
    +/- 0,05 mm
    +/- 0,05 mm
    6600 kg
  • Description

    FIBER LASER HESSE HD-FS MADE BY DURMA The HD-FO is our compact entry level model. Control, laser source and cooler is integrated into the system to minimize the total dimensions. The manually extandable table is moved laterally out of the machine for loading and unloading. The cutting head has an automatic focus adjustment. It makes the machine very economical, fast and easy to handle. The machine consists of the following components: capsuled cutting room with safety glass CNC control unit Rexroth with touchscreen laser source IPG YLR cutting head DURMA with automatic focus adjustment liquid cooler for cutting head and resonator CAD/CAM software LANTEK to program and optimize utilization of material (nesting) remote maintenance by LAN connection manual unloading table positioning laser DIMENSIONS: Lenght of Guiding Machine: 5.600 mm Width of Guiding Machine: 2.700 mm Height of Guiding Machine: 2.130 mm Height of Guiding Machine when loading door are open: 2.725 mm Length of exhausting unit: 2.500 mm Width of exhausting unit: 1.400 mm Dimensions according to layout plan 8.500 x 5.500 mm OPTION: exhaust unit with filters€ 8.500,- shuttle table for simultaneous loading/unloading and cutting to reduce the secondary processing time € 23.570,- Further options as Durma cloud on request.

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